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The Capital Company provides "Total Wealth Optimization"
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Financial Science Meets The Capital Markets


The core of our investment approach is to remove emotion and speculation and focus on the science and evidence behind successful investing.

The “Random Walk” hypothesis is a financial theory that stock market prices evolve according to unforeseen events and information that cannot predict its future.  There is so much we cannot control when it comes to investing.

Today science has permeated the capital markets with undisputed empirical evidence.

This investment methodology is “Evidence Based Investing” (EBI).

The Evidence Based Investment Plan is exclusively for Capital Company clients.  As a “fee-for-service” firm we provide written advice before clients proceed with their ideal portfolio.

This plan provides a detailed understanding of the evidence based investment method, and a clear glide path to client’s goals.

The Capital Company comprehensively assesses each clients individual capacity for risk and volatility.  

Expected Returns in capital markets are explained in lockstep with income and growth goals.

Clients can choose varying degrees of expected returns with empirical evidence in four different currencies of USD, EUR, GBP or AUD dollars.

Reporting & Analytics

We invest in the latest reporting technology for your portfolio so you may view commentary, statistics and measure performance across all modern devices.

Providing the analytics and allocation of your portfolio as compared to benchmarks, its volatility, and complete transparency on all fees and costs calculated to provide full disclosure.

The Capital Company leads the way in Hong Kong with one of the most transparent platforms in the marketplace for the discerning investor.

The "Capital Company Academy" is
a place of higher learning for Scientific Investors