How we are different

These combined elements differentiate our comprehensive service offering from the crowd.

1. Evidence-Based Investing (EBI)

2. Fee-for-Service

3. Discretionary Management

4. Independence

5. The Capital Company Academy

1).  Evidence Based Investing (EBI) is the scientific approach to asset management. We implement the principles of EBI to provide our clients with a successful and reliable investment outcome.

2).  As a Fee-for-Service wealth management firm, we are aligned with our clients’ interests and do not take upfront commissions or other product based compensation.

3).  We offer Discretionary Management in portfolios across a variety of currencies and risk tolerances. We manage portfolios within an agreed investment mandate for clients. That mandate is developed only after a thorough analysis of client needs and goals and is adapted with change over time. Using EBI as our foundation, we systematically manage portfolios, while rebalancing and staying invested. Clients benefit from a disciplined investment approach.

4).  Independence is the ability to make investment decisions for clients without outside influence.The Capital Company is owned entirely by its founders and generates revenue only through client fees. In 2016 the partners co-founded the Association of Independent Asset Managers in Hong Kong to support independent firms and create awareness and change across the industry.


5).  The Capital Company Academy was created to provide financial education for clients and a forum to display mathematical and scientific findings.

Historically investors have blindly followed financial professionals’ recommendations and advice without full knowledge of the risks or the investment itself.

Through the medium of newsletters, books, videos, webinars, seminars and short courses, the academy seeks to empower clients, employees and partners to have a more successful investment experience and to remove the emotions from the investment process.