Global Citizen

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Through the diligence of its partners, the Capital Company has earned a reputation in Hong Kong and globally, as a firm able to help and advise expatriates with complex cross border tax and estate planning issues.

Globalisation of the economic workforce and the growth of cloud networking systems has created a new class of clients and families we call the “Global Citizen”.

The dawn of the Global Citizen has begun as clients move countries accumulating assets and expanding their families.  With the great opportunities comes added risk and complexity as governments around the world differ in tax laws and reporting of wealth.

The partners of the Capital Company provide a stable of solid in-house advisers as well as a robust panel of third party accountants, lawyers, immigration, property and finance specialists to assist clients with the complexities of cross border living.

The Capital Company has produced materials, e-courses and checklists for many of the global citizens living in Hong Kong.  These will be coming soon.